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Since the release of the album "Calling Me Home" in August of 2018, the band have continued to write and record their material. This is being released on multiple platforms, in various forms, ranging from Acoustic Sessions recorded for YouTube, to digital single releases on iTunes and Spotify. We started recording a new album this year, but COVID put a stop to that so we're looking at a release date in the Spring of 2021, but we'll continue to release singles and other content regularly until then. 

 Check out our latest release "Quarantine Sessions



March 2020

Better Lands

February 2020


January 2020

Thoughts (acoustic)

December 2019

Summer Clear

October 2019

Grey Skies

May 2019

A Ring of Fire

December 2018


July 2018



Calling me home

The debut album released to critical acclaim. Click on the button for more...


Quarantine Sessions

COVID stopped us finishing our 2nd album, so we made something else instead...