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the covid album


We began recording a new studio album in January however progress was halted due to COVID. Lack of gigs means a lack of funds to finish, but we're hoping live music comes back soon which will allow us to release it next year.

To keep motivated during lockdown we carried on playing together online, and that grew into the idea of doing some Facebook gigs. Clearly we couldn't get together to play, so we recorded our parts individually and then put them together for broadcast. To make things easier we went with songs that we gig, crowd pleasers like "Take it Easy", "Will the circle be unbroken" and "Proud Mary" mixed with some of our own newer tracks. After a few of these "gigs", and lots of request to release the tracks, we realised that we had the basis for... something. So we went back to those rough tracks and whilst still in our respsective bedrooms, kitchens, sheds and garages, we re-recorded, mixed, and mastered a new album. 

Looking back to the start of this year, is this what we planned to do? No. Is it what we wanted to do? No. Is it something we thought we'd ever release? No. But here we are, 21st August 2020, Longstay - Quarantine Sessions.


1. I Ain’t living long - Waylon Jennings
2. Take it easy - Eagles
3. Mariah (Acoustic) - Longstay
4. You belong to me - Bryan Adams
5. Grey skies - Longstay
6. Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival
7. Will the circle be unbroken - Traditional
8. Summer Clear - Longstay
9. Tightrope - Stevie Ray Vaughan
10. Cool cat - George Hughes
11. Memphis - Longstay
12. Going nowhere - Bob Dylan
13. Untitled (love song) - The Romany Rye
14. Shoot me Straight - Brothers Osborne
15. Copperhead Road - Steve Earle